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By John Allen Paulos

Using intuitive rules from arithmetic, this quirky "meta-memoir" increases questions about our lives that almost all folks do not believe to invite, yet arguably may still: What a part of reminiscence is trustworthy truth, what half artistic embellishment? Which favourite presuppositions are unfounded, which statistically biased? via conjoining opposing mindsets--the suspension of disbelief required in storytelling and the skepticism inherent within the medical method--bestselling mathematician John Allen Paulos has created an strange hybrid, a composite of private thoughts and mathematical techniques to re-evaluating them.

Entertaining vignettes from Paulos's biography abound--ranging from a bullying math instructor and a wonderful number of baseball playing cards to romantic crushes, a grandmother’s petty larceny, and his really unintentional function in getting George Bush elected president in 2000. those vignettes function springboards to many telling views: simple math places life-long conduct in a doubtful new mild; better dimensional geometry is helping us see that we are all fairly atypical; nonlinear dynamics explains the narcissism of small variations cascading into very varied siblings; logarithms and exponentials yield perception on why we have a tendency to become tired and jaded as we age; and there are methods and jokes, likelihood and coincidences, and lots more and plenty more.

For fanatics of Paulos or newbies to his paintings, this witty remark on his life--and yours--is interesting examining.

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