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By Hanlin Liu

This ebook makes use of prime quality photographs to demonstrate dozens of financial institution structures. they're divided into 3 elements: construction form, Public area, and VIP house. structure initiatives have very good shows in shape shaping, facade administration, detailing, and so forth. inside tasks changed out of date layout with clean smooth types. a number of layout components are used to spotlight individualities of contemporary banks.

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Hana financial institution deliberate to construct a flagship department which include 3 flooring in keeping with the idea that of a “bank that grows trees”. transforming into a tree could be likened to starting to be buyers’ resources so they develop in dimension. 完成年份:2010年 设计师:杰在工作公司 摄影师:孙南广 1. external of the doorway 2. session region 1. 银行入口外观 2. 咨询处 the floor ground is Hana Bank’s model PR corridor. right here, a customer can get pleasure from a electronic event the place he grows a digital “tree personality” as a part of environmental safety and donation actions. the floor ground additionally showcases a cultural house the place consumers can conveniently leisure. on the grounds that there are numerous travelers in Myeong-dong, a nook the place viewers can fast switch funds is on the market at the floor ground, including an ATM quarter. the 1st flooring is the place the bank’s deposit and withdrawal-related paintings, in addition to mortgage and overseas exchange-related paintings is dealt with. somebody counseling module procedure was once built to let deepest and in-depth counseling. the second one flooring is an area for VIPs. Its layout beneficial properties the original Hana financial institution VIP trend. This trend used to be extensively utilized to create walls, which serve to divide the distance and likewise beautify the distance. moreover, the “VIP identification snapshot wall” used to be created. 131 3 three. First flooring paintings quarter and shopper relaxation region four. First flooring convention room five. First ground living room three. 二楼工作区&客户休息区 four. 二楼会议室 five. 二楼休息室 银行工作形式的变化导致了银行空间的变化,让空间从以功能为中心转变为以销售和服务为中心。此外,银行空间现在 还体现了企业经营哲学,并且逐步转变为对社会有益的公共空间。 韩亚银行的大多数分行都采用了创新设计,以销售和服务为核心。明洞分行位于游客众多的首尔中心,因此,设计师试 图打造一个交流的舞台。考虑到银行的地理位置和象征意义,它将体现银行的形象,服务社会。韩亚将打造三层银行空 间,以“树木生长的银行”为基本理念。树木的生长可以比作客户资产的增长。 一楼是韩亚银行的公关大厅。人们可以在此享用数码体验,种植一棵虚拟树木,以体现环保价值或是进行捐款活动。一 楼的中心还为客户提供了舒适的休息场所。鉴于明洞有众多的游客,一楼设有一个可以快速兑换货币的角落,同时还有 一个自动柜员机区域。二楼是银行储蓄和提款相关的工作区,同时还处理贷款和外币交换相关的业务。私人咨询模块系 统的开发让客户可以进行私人而深入的咨询。三楼为贵宾专属,其设计以韩亚银行特有的贵宾图案为特色。这一图案还 运用在隔断设计上,分割并点缀了空间。此外,设计师还打造了一面“贵宾身份形象墙”。 132 4 five 133 6 Elevations 立面图 134 7 6. floor flooring model room and living room, with timber as ornament subject 7. flooring flooring aspect lower of interactive media wall eight. moment flooring VIP membership nine. moment ground VIP provider sector, with VIP styles at the wall 10. moment ground VIP assembly room 6. 一楼品牌宣传&休息室,以树木为装饰主题 7. 一楼互动媒体墙的细节 eight. 三楼贵宾俱乐部 nine. 三楼贵宾服务区,墙壁以银行特有的贵宾图案做装饰 10. 三楼贵宾会议室 Elevations 立面图 one hundred thirty five 8 floor ground Plan (Right) 1. front 2. forex three. Media Pond four. living room 一楼平面图(右图) 1. 入口 2. 现金交易 three. 媒体池 four. 休息室 136 2 1 three four 9 10 137 1 138 2 Sugamo Shinkin financial institution - Tokiwadai department 巢鸭信用银行常盘台分行 place: Tokyo, Japan crowning glory 12 months: 2010 clothier: Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture+Design Photographer: Nacasa & companions Inc. region: 733 m² 地点:日本,东京 完成年份:2010年 设计师:艾曼纽·孟罗建筑设计公司 摄影师:纳卡萨摄影公司 Sugamo Shinkin financial institution is a credits union that strives to supply pleasant hospitality to its consumers in keeping with its motto: “we get pleasure from serving chuffed consumers. ” Emmanuelle Moureaux structure + layout dealt with the architectural and inside layout for the bank’s newly relocated department in Tokiwadai. through basing the layout round leaf motifs, the designers sought to create a fresh house that will welcome buyers with a ordinary, rejuvenative feeling.

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