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By Michael Moon

Henry Darger (1892–1973) used to be a sanatorium janitor and an immensely effective artist and author. within the first a long time of maturity, he wrote a 15,145-page fictional epic, In the geographical regions of the Unreal. He spent a lot of the remainder of his lengthy lifestyles illustrating it in surprising drawings and watercolors. In Darger's unfolding saga, pastoral utopias are time and again savaged by way of severe violence directed at teenagers, really women. Given his stressful subject material and the extraordinary solitude he maintained all through his lifestyles, critics have characterised Darger as eccentric, deranged, or even risky, as an interloper artist forced to create a myth universe. Contesting such pathologizing interpretations, Michael Moon appears to Darger's assets, to the narratives and fabrics that encouraged him and infrequently chanced on their method into his writing, drawings, and work. Moon unearths an artist who reveled within the burgeoning pop culture of the early 20th century, in its newspaper comedian strips, pulp fiction, illustrated kid's books, and heavily produced spiritual artwork. Moon contends that Darger's paintings merits and rewards comparability with that of contemporaries of his, akin to the "pulp historians" H. P. Lovecraft and Robert Howard, the oz. chronicler L. Frank Baum, and the newspaper cartoonist Bud Fisher.

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The following, back, phrases fail me, with the exception of what I’ve already acknowledged within the commitment of this booklet to him. past that, I’m going to need to depend upon the soundtrack for aid. (Cue up Richard Strauss, “Im Abendrot,” 4 final Songs, in Lisa Della Casa’s recording. ) ac okay n ow l e d g m e n t s   ..... 147 INDEX Adoption: as a topic in early newspaper sexuality, 73–76; and “spoiled life,” comedian strips, 85–86, 89–94; Darger’s 61–65 curiosity in adopting a baby, eighty two; well known writings by means of: “Introduction to the His- attitudes towards, 82–83 Agamben, Giorgio, x Alger, Horatio, 7, 10 Anderson, Brooke Davis, fifty nine Anges, Jennie (character in within the nation-states of the Unreal), 31–34 Aronburg, Annie (character in within the geographical regions tory of the younger Men,” 51–53 Brontë, Charlotte, 45–47 writings by way of: “The background of the Year,” 48–51 Brontë siblings, 43–51; writing as “Genii” in juvenilia, 54–56 Brundage, Margaret, a hundred and fifteen of the Unreal), 34–38 Atrocity narrative, 70, 133–34 n. 20, 135–36 n. thirteen Captions, Darger’s use of, in his work, 19 gathering, 56–59 conflict of Bull Run (US Civil War), 70 intake (disease), seventy seven Baum, L. Frank: The superb Land of oz., Cross-­dressing: in within the nation-states of the Un- 8–9; Wizard of oz. sequence, 10 Benjamin, Walter: starting place of German Tragic Drama, 40–41; Theses at the Philosophy of actual, 38–39 Cthulhu mythos (in Lovecraft’s writing), 103–4 heritage, 76–77 Blackwood’s (journal), sixty four, sixty seven Darger, Henry: alleged insanity of, 128– Blatty, William Peter: The Exorcist, 116–17 29; and appropriation, 1–2, 80–82; Bloch, Robert, 123–24 creative talents of, 23, 87; drafted Bonesteel, Michael, xvi and discharged from US military, 62–63; Brontë, Branwell, forty four; and gathering, in­adequacy of reproductions of his 56–57; and delusion of race battle, sixty six– paintings, 23; as remoted artist, 1; legacy of, sixty seven; and masturbation, 74–75; and in different artists’ paintings, 22–23; position Darger, Henry (continued) of work by way of, 21–22; posthumous Hitchcock, Alfred, 123–24 Howard, Robert, 107–12 recognition, 22; as proletarian tradition employee, 2–3; and precept of play, 3–5; James, William, 20 and sexuality, 70–73 work by means of: At Jennie Richee. whereas sending caution Klein, Melanie, 60–61, 109, 113 Kluge, Alexander: See Negt, Oskar to their father, 12–15 Untitled (Part 2 of 205), 16–18 Untitled (The Arcadeia), xii–xvi writings by way of: within the nation-states of the substitute, 31–39, 70–71 Little Annie Rooney (newspaper comedian strip), 91–94 Little Orphan Annie (newspaper comedian strip), ninety one Decamp, L. Sprague, 108 Lovecraft, H. P. , 101–7 Dick Tracy (newspaper comedian strip), ninety Lynching, 68–69 Don Quixote (Cervantes), five MacGregor, John M. , nine, 11–12, 18–19, 38, Emmerich, Anne, 114–15 Ewers, Hanns Heinz, 116 55–56, 70–73, eighty four, 127, 133 n. 18 Male genitals of woman figures, nine Marston, William Moulton, 121–23 Fish, Albert, one hundred twenty Martyr performs, 25–31 Fisher, Bud, 94–95, 97–98 bloodbath tradition, 65–70 Foucault, Michel, 128 Masturbation, 71–75 France, Anatole: insurrection of the Angels, 20 Merleau-­Ponty, Maurice, 102–3 army chronicles: as version for Bran‑ fuel Alley (newspaper comedian strip), ninety Gein, Ed, 124–27 Gender swap: in Baum’s outstanding Land of ounces, 8–9; in within the nation-states of the synthetic, good Brontë’s paintings, 63–65; as version for Darger’s paintings, 44–45, 62–64 Mutt and Jeff (newspaper comedian strip), 94–98 8–9 Ghirlandaio, Domenico: bloodbath of the Innocents, xii–xii; Nativity of John the Baptist, x–xii Grimmelshausen, Johann: Simplicissimus, nationwide novice Press organization, 139 n.

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