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Within the early 9th century, a severe time in Rome's transformation from old capital to robust bishopric to new nation capital, Pope Paschal I undertook a development crusade to speak his authority and Rome's significance as an historic and modern seat of energy. Combining research of up to date chronicles and files, structure, mosaics and new archaeology of medieval Rome, Caroline Goodson examines Paschal's city undertaking, revealing new styles of renowned saint veneration in resplendent new church buildings in-built conventional architectural vocabularies. those ameliorations attach town and the pope to the earlier and the current, within the similar league because the Byzantine and Carolingian capitals and their emperors. by way of studying the relationships among the cloth global and political strength in early medieval Rome, this leading edge examine unearths the significance of Rome's sacred and concrete panorama in developing papal rule and impression either within the urban and past.

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